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Breckenridge 100 Race Report

By Dean on December 27, 2013

Check out Marty Kovacs’s account of the Breckenridge 100 in 2011. He’s been back each year since and is already booked for 2014. Click the image below for a full PDF report.

Breckenridge 100 Race Report

January 2014 MTB Clinic

By Dean on December 19, 2013

MTB Clinic Image

Come check out our MTB Clinic on January 18th with 2013 TMBRA Pro State Champion Tristan Uhl! The clinic starts at 11:00AM at Pace Bend County Park. Registration is FREE until January 13th, $5 January 14-16, and $10 on-site. Registration is limited to the first 80, so be sure to pre-reg!

Full details are on the flyer above, or you can register on

Miles of Discomfort Marathon MTB Race 2013/01/26

By Shiva on January 28, 2013

Two of our well-used bikes after the Miles of Discomfort race in Comfort, Texas. (Photo by B. Shiva Mayer)

With the 2013 introduction of Cannondale and Austin Tri-Cyclist as 787 Racing sponsors on the dirt, a number of us have been putting more focus on racing our mountain bikes.  This year’s Miles of Discomfort race, part of the Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association’s Marathon race series, featured a number of 787 athletes.

Tom Ketterhagen, Mike Panozzo, and me all competed in the 26 mile, one lap category (in our respective age groups).  Mike flatted only one quarter mile into the race, but thanks to the assistance of the good folks that run Flat Rock Ranch, was able to continue racing until suffering another flat tire shortly before the finish.  Tom suffered a few incidents on the difficult terrain, and finished the race 19th in the 40+ age group.  As for me, in my third mountain bike race ever, I managed to keep my Cannondale Scalpel upright the entire way to finishing 13th in the 19-39.

In the 54 mile, two lap category, Robert Biard finished 11th in the Open category despite also flatting twice, and Robby Ketterhagen finished incident-free in 15th.  Marty Kovacs’ considerable skill brought 787’s best result of the day, a 6th in the 40+ age group.

We all had a lot of fun out in Comfort, Texas, and look forward to returning to the area for the Fredericksburg road races later in the season!

Race Results: Texas State ITT and TTT 6/30/2012-7/1/2012

By Scott on July 25, 2012

Below are our complete results for this State Championship ITT and TTT:

  • Brant Speed won the Men’s P/1 race out of 11, defending his title of reigning Texas State Time Trial Champion
  • Jennifer Mix placed 3rd in the Women’s P/1/2
  • Michael Frentress was 5th out of 25 in the Men’s Cat 3
  • Mike Panozzo finished in 13th out of 25 in the Men’s Cat 3
  • Enrique Varela was 14th out of 25 in the Men’s Cat 3
  • Steven Guzman placed 5th out of 23 in the Men’s 40+
  • Bryan Leuenberger was 14th out of 39 in the Men’s 50+
  • Christian Bergh finished 2nd out of 13 in the Jr Men’s Open 3/4
  • Michael Frentress finished 13th out of 13 in the Jr Men’s Open 3/4
  • Jack Weiland placed 4th out of 8 in the Jr Men’s 10-14
  • Ethan Weiland finished 6th out of 8 in the Jr Men’s 10-14
  • Zeb Weiland was 8th out of 8 in the Jr Men’s 10-14
  • Mike Panozzo, Steven Guzman (w/Craig Virr and Charles Dixon from other teams) placed 3rd in the Men’s Cat 2 TTT
  • Trevor Brooks, Andy Webb, Daniel Chappelear (w/Alex Rodriquez from another team) placed 4th in the Men’s Cat 3 TTT, with Trevor on his road bike!

Race Results: BC Bike Race 7/1/2012-7/7/2012

By Scott on July 14, 2012

Six 787 racers went to BC for the fifth edition of the well known seven-day mountain bike stage race.  In the Epic (50km/day) category, Robert Biard, Robbie Robinette, Alex Robinette, and Chann McRae all braved the wilds of British Columbia.  In the Challenge (30km/day) category, Jen McRae won the Women’s Open, and Shiva Mayer placed 10th in the Men’s Open.

Shiva Mayer races in Cumberland, British Columbia on Day 1 of BCBR.

Race Results: Bike The Bricks 5/25/2012

By Scott on June 27, 2012

Another year at this fantastic event by the folks in McKinney, Texas.

  • Brant Speed placed 9th in the Men’s P/1/2
  • Jen McRae won the Women’s Cat 1/2/3

For those who weren’t there, here’s a view off the back of the Men’s 2/3 race:

Race Results: Georgetown Grand 5/19-20/2012

By Scott on June 27, 2012

787's Jen McRae took home the Texas State Women's Criterium Championship! (Photo by Jim Hicks)

Our top 10 results for the two days of the Texas State Criterium Champtionship are:

  • Jen McRae captured the Texas State Criterium Champtionship by winning the Women’s Cat 1/2.  She also won the Women’s Cat 1/2/3!
  • Daniel Chappelear placed 4th in the Men’s Cat 3 and 9th in the Men’s Cat 3/4
  • Trevor Brooks finished in 6th in the Men’s Cat 3 and 6th in the Men’s 19-22
  • Carson Lange followed up with 8th in the Men’s Cat 3
  • Christian Bergh was 5th in the Junior 15-16
  • Tommy Higgins placed 7th in the Junior 15-16
  • Ethan Weiland was 4th in the Junior 10-12
  • Blake McFarling was 9th in the Men’s Cat 4/5
  • James Frentress was 10th in the Men’s 50+
  • Brant Speed finished in 2nd for the Men’s 30-34
  • Robert Biard was 7th in the Men’s 30-34

There was some stong competition in all of the races and we had a strong showing, with many more finishing in the top half of some large fields.  Good job to all!

Race Results: Corsicana Stage Race 5/10-13/2012

By Scott on June 26, 2012

Day 1 Time Trial

  • Brant Speed was 2nd in the Men’s P/1/2
  • Mike Panozzo finished 8th in the Men’s Cat 3

Day 2 Road Race

  • Brant Speed followed up with a 2nd place finish in the Men’s P/1/2
  • Robert Biard placed 6th in the Men’s P/1/2
  • Robby Ketterhagen finished 6th in the Men’s Cat 3


  • Brant Speed finished 4th overall in the Men’s P/1/2
  • Mike Panozzo finished 10th overall in the Men’s Cat 3

Race Results: Medical Colleagues of Texas RR 5/5/2012

By Scott on June 25, 2012

Our top 10 results for this race were:

  • Ruarri Day-Stirrat finished in 8th for the Men’s P/1/2/3
  • Blake McFarling pulled out a 2nd place finish, with John Connolly was right behind in 4th, for the Men’s Cat 4

Race Results: Hammerfest 4/28/2012

By Scott on June 2, 2012

Unfortunately fires caused the cancellation of the 2 day of racing. However, on day 1:

  • Andy Webb was 5th in both the Men’s Cat 3/4 TT and Road Race, putting him in 4th for the GC
  • Bryan Leuenberger was 9th in the Men’s 50+