About Us

Cycling is an activity, a sport, and a passion that every person deserves an opportunity to experience. Through junior and adult programs and involvement in the community (supporting initiatives such as Bikes for Kids), 787 Cycling intends to make recreational and completive cycling as accessible as possible.

In addition, the 787 Racing team fosters competitive amateur cycling by promoting the highest athletic and ethical standards of training and racing.

Our motto is lead, educate, and ride.

Robert Biard in the Cat. 2/3 race at Bike the Bricks

Our Mission Statement

We are a grass-roots organization of cyclists that are passionate about every element of what cycling brings to our lives and that of others. We believe in having fun on a bike—be it recreational, commuting, training, or racing. Our goals are to serve our membership in a meaningful way, advance a healthy and responsible lifestyle that includes cycling, share our passion for cycling with each other and our community, embody a positive and desired image for those who support us, and to give back to the community in which we live. Our operations and all objectives are open, and will be conducted in the best interests of our members and our supporters. Our membership includes cyclists of all abilities, and all ages—our membership is our strength and our value.